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Serendipity: The magic of Thai Spas




The book provides an inside look at some of the best spas in Thailand and the treatments they offer – from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the north to Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket in the south,and key resort areas in between.
Thai spas enjoy a special cachet among spa aficionados. Thai therapists have a special touch and, as one spa manager told him, they perform the massages “from the heart” – an innate sense of being of service to others.
Best time to go? It depends on the season. If you want to get away from the winter, keep in mind that hotel/resort rates are at their highest during this period.
Many, many tourists visit during Thailand’s two popular festivals – Songkran in April and Loi Kathrong in November.
The Songkran is a big favourite with Thais. In this festival, Thais throw water at each other in the belief that the water will wash away all their bad luck. It’s also popular with visitors who come for the fun.
In the Fall, there is the Loi Kathrong, which pays homage to the Lord Buddha. Thais believe the Kathrongs – rice paper balloons powered by a single candle – also carry away the bad luck with them. The festival takes place on the full moon of the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar, usually in late November.
Best place to see them take flight is in north, especially Chiang Mai.

The wait is over. Fatal Secrets is over here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

The New York Times


Thrilling in the extreme, Fatal Secrets is a definite page-flipper.

The Washington Post

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